Live Dealer Casinos

Live Dealer Casinos has become very popular in the world of online casinos. The basic concept of a live dealer casino is that there is interaction between the player and the dealer, along with other players, in real time. This certainly brings more of the feel of a home casino, not to mention the added social aspect.

Live Dealer Casinos uses webcams and high speed internet connections to connect with their players in real time. The addition of live dealers to online casinos added a fresh new dimension to online casino players, and they just get better and better along with technological advancements. Although not all online casinos offer this live dealer option, there are many that do.

Players can interact with other players and also with the live dealer himself, often using their own webcam, or simply choosing a photograph or avatar to represent them. In most cases, when a live trade is available, players can choose between computer generated deals and live dealers.

Because there are some possible drawbacks with liver dealer online casinos, some players will choose the automated sharing option. In many cases, there are no player records available after games, making it impossible to control multiple hands if necessary at a later stage. The speed of the game is usually slower than when using computer software as it simply takes longer for live dealers, even though they are expert online casino dealers. The human element, by adding a lot of positives, can also add negatives for those who value speed gameplay.

In some live dealer games, players really feel like they are in a land based casino. For example, players can see the action of playing baccarat by watching bets on a real baccarat table, and those who play roulette can see the live representative of the online casino, in fact they place the ball on the wheel and get to see it land in your random space in real time.